Saturday, February 28, 2015

Home Colors

We sent in our selection for the home colors last week.  We chose option UAX, which includes:

Primary Siding - Spanish Olive (Plygem)
Accent Siding - Natural Almond
Trim - Sandy Stone (we found out that our community only allows this color.  We wanted white trim to make the house have a little more "pop", but there are only a few other Venice models so we will be okay in the end.  I would recommend asking if our local community or HOA has a restriction on certain colors or not before choosing colors)
Shutters - Black
Door - Fiery Brown
Stone - Ledgestone Style, Bucks County Color

Virtual Tour

Talked with SR who said the CTI dates wont affect the building process and wont affect our closing date!!!!!

We decided to remove the wet-bar rough in as they cannot move the location for us.  No big deal as we will probably do a dry bar built in at some point with just a fridge, much cheaper option too!!!

We will add a floodlight in the back of the house and have it placed up by the master bedroom window so the lights can be changed and adjusted easier.  I cant remember the blog that had this idea, but all the credit goes to them.

Google recently did a virtual tour of the model home (Venice), which happens to be our model and it was more helpful than what was posted on the RH website.  Here is the link:

Friday, February 27, 2015

CTI Meeting

Well, our real estate agent finally got in touch with CTI to make an appointment to pick our flooring options, which is good news!  The concerning part is that our change order deadline is 9 Mar and the CTI appointment is not until 20 Mar.

Hopefully, this will not affect us with a pushed back closing date and that we are able to research our options before making a final decision.

We have faith that our RH Rep will continue the excellent service and make the needed adjustments through this process.  To be continued....

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blog Compilations

Here is a list of other Ryan home owners and their DIY projects or experiences:

Home Purchase Update #1

We haven't had much time lately to give everyone a personal update and this being our first blog, I figured we would earn a little bit of grace, although grace is freely given, not earned!!!

We are moving to east coast after 3 years on the west coast and we are looking forward to the new adventures and chapter in our lives and welcome the change of pace from the slow and dreary PNW to the DC metro area.

We signed the purchase agreement last week for Ryan Homes to build us a Venice model in Maryland.  This will be our first home together and hopefully we will survive the process together!

There are several other blogs out there about Ryan Homes and the Venice model, but nothing really since 2012, from what I could find online.  Everyone seems to have similar experiences, good and bad and it appears that everyone is learning something from what the last person did.

We will be buying the home sight unseen, which is nothing new to me, so I am prepared for most of the things that will probably come up.  I will say that my Realtor and the Ryan Homes Rep have been very engaging and helpful through the early stages of this process.  We have excellent communication and they have sent use several color samples and explained what options could be added and what could not.

Here is a breakdown of what we added:

Morning room
Gourmet Kitchen Island (extra power outlet on both sides of island will be added)
Gas fireplace in family room
Gas appliances in Kitchen
Harwoods are included in foyer, powder room and kitchen, but we will add them in family room and morning room to create a better flow
Finished basement with 3 piece bath at no extra charge
Opted for the basement window instead of sliding glass door
Optional Alternate upgrade to owners bath at no extra charge (for the times you just want to sit in the shower!!!)
Venice Elevation E, 2-Car front entry garage.  We originally wanted Elevation C, but there was a redundancy issue, so Ryan homes is eating the cost to give us the different and BETTER elevation.
Rough in for wet-bar in basement

We had our Guardian appointment this week and the rep was not pushy at all.  He emailed us their brochure and a copy of our floor plan and asked that we email him back where we wanted our cable drops located.  The only thing we chose from them was to pre-wire the HDMI outlets in the basement and in-ceiling surround, so we got off pretty cheap.  Again, there was no pressure and the conversation was short and casual.

We are still pending our CTI appointment but our realtor was given the okay to go preview stuff for use before we make our final decision, so we will probably use skype or face time to pick our colors and options.