Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pallet Project - USA!

Every home needs some "Merica in it.  So I rounded up some pallets and created a US Flag that is 43" x 36".  I put it on the ledge in the stairwell going to the basement, since we are down there often to watch movies anyways. You can do about and design with any product by googling it, so nothing too hard to make.  This is just an idea on what we did.


  1. Great use of space in the landing! Did you nail it to the wall or does it sit on the ledge?

    1. The ledge is about 6" deep so the flag leans against the wall perfectly. Any bigger of a flag and it would take 2 people to get it up. I'm 6' with longer arms, so it wasn't much of an issue by myself.