Thursday, June 18, 2015

Finally got to see our home in person!

 We finally made to the east coast and had chance to walk through the home with our PM.  We are happy with how things have come along and he answered any questions we had, which were not many as him and our RH Rep have kept us in the loop through the whole process.  We did figure out we will be getting balusters for the stair railings, which will help with getting furniture up and down the stairs easily.  The rooms were larger than seeing pictures online and every space is utilized in the house to give it an open concept that flows nicely.

We drove around the neighborhood and confirmed with the PM that only one other Elevation E is in our section, so it will be nice to stand out!  We chose the spanish olive siding with the black shutters, and are happy with how it has come together. It definitely gives the house a little more pop with colors that compliment each other, when we weren't sure how they would come together.

The one thing that was a surprise was the fireplace is noted as being a slate fireplace with white mantel.  I know I have talked with the RH Rep about having a stone fireplace that would match the stone from the front of the house.  Hopefully we can get that piece figured out, anyone have advice?

Front of house, siding and trim completed, just need to paint remaining trim.

From rear of property line.  Good little space for fire pit and dog to run around

Huge master walk in closet. For reference, I am 6' tall.

Our future homeschool area below the morning room in the basement.  Much larger in person!

View of kitchen and morning room from living room.  I think there are 9 lights in the kitchen area, more than we thought we were getting.

Morning room from Kitchen.

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